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Pam-12 Erosion control for grading contractors

ENCAP’s PAM-12® Plus approved for use by Wisconsin Department of Transportation
This is good news for grading contractors.
 GREEN BAY, WI (September 29, 2009)- ENCAP, LLC, innovator of advanced soil technologies (AST)® announced today that the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) has added PAM-12 Plus® to their list of approved soil stabilizer products.
 In order to obtain this approval, ENCAP’s PAM-12 Plus® was required to meet established WisDOT standards as measured by the ASTM D 6459 industry accepted erosion control test method.  The test conducted by an independent third party laboratory effectively simulates 2, 4 and 6” rainfall events on a sloped bed of bare soil protected only by PAM 12 Plus®.  The results of the test demonstrated the ability of PAM 12 Plus® to hold 97% of the soil in place during a 2 and 4” rainfall and more than 64% in a 6” down pour exceeding the requirements of WisDOT.
 “Innovation is what ENCAP is all about,” states Chris Calawerts, President of ENCAP. “Traditional methods of preventing soil erosion can be time consuming and very costly. Our innovative product design gives contractors and end users a more effective solution at a lower overall price.”
 The PAM 12 Plus® granule is manufactured from recycled paper fiber that is combined with a patented polymer technology and agglomerated to form an engineered soil stabilization solution. The granule is designed to act as both a delivery mechanism and a visual tracer for the active ingredient that helps to manage and stabilize the soil. The versatile granule can be applied dry or hydraulically.
 “The approval process for WisDOT is one of the most comprehensive in the country, says Calawerts. We are proud to be selected as one of their main methods to provide soil stabilization.”
ENCAP® develops, manufactures, and distributes numerous products used in several markets including Retail Lawn and Garden, Professional Landscape, Golf, Mine Reclamation and Forest Fire Restoration. The company holds exclusive rights to numerous patents used throughout the world.  ENCAP® products are sold to Retail Lawn and Garden centers, professional landscape distributors, golf and construction grading suppliers as well as various government agencies.

Pam-12® Plus

PAM-12® Plus is a superior soil stabilizer that is easy to use and cost effective.

ENCAP PAM-12 Plus ApplicationPAM-12® Plus is a soil stabilizer that can be used alone or in combination with other mulches to reduce the erodibility of soils and improve the establishment of vegetation. The specially engineered paper granule is a carrier, delivery system and visual tracer for ENCAP®’s blend of soil stabilizers. PAM-12® Plus can be uniformly applied with a broadcast spreader directly out of the bag. PAM-12® Plus is used in a wide variety of situations where soil stabilization is necessary such as commercial landscape, construction, reclamation, and post fire restoration applications.

Benefits of PAM-12™ Plus

  • Superior Performance
    • Proven by ASTM D 6459 Standards
    • Effective across a wide spectrum of soils
  • Ease of Use
    • Uniformly applied right out of bag
    • Includes visible tracer
  • Cost Effectiveness
    • Ease of use, saves time and money
  • Additional Benefits
    • Improves seed germination and plant growth (ECTC Method # 4)
    • Minimizes sediment loss
    • No messy straw or introduction of noxious weed seed
    • No need for staples, stakes or netting
    • No need for expensive equipment

PAM-12® Plus should be applied using the rates and guidelines provided in the Application Index. PAM-12® Plus may be applied dry with broadcast seeder/spreader equipment, hydraulically through approved hydraulic machines or with aerial application equipment. For hydraulic instructions and recommendations, refer to the PAM-12® Plus Hydraulic Application Guidelines.

PAM-12® Plus Application Index

• Application rates and methods may vary based on site conditions such as slope, soil
type, physical state and chemical properties of the soil and time of the year.
• Application rates may vary based on desired visual appearance.
• Slope interruption devices are recommended on slopes exceeding 40 feet in length.
• PAM-12® Plus granules are activated by natural or applied moisture.
• It is recommended that seeding is done prior to the application of PAM-12® Plus and in a manner that ensures direct contact with the soil on a well prepared seedbed.


No Slope - 4:1 1,000
4:1 - 3:1 1,000 - 2,000
3:1 - 2:1 2,000 - 3,000
Package Item # Size Type Units/Pallet Units/Truckload Bag type
Bag 10722-40 50lb. Pallet 40 880 UV & weather resistant 4 mil poly bags
Bulk Tote 10728 2,000lb. Pallet 1 22 Super Sac

PAM-12® Plus Soil Stabilization Granules Specification

The soil stabilization granules (active ingredient anionic WSPAM) shall be applied on the surface of disturbed soils to reduce water erosion and minimize the production of sediment by binding soil particles, effectively increasing the soil particle size to 1.0 mm or larger.

The soil stabilization granules shall consist of recycled paper fiber coated and impregnated with a blend of anionic water soluble linear polyacrylamides (WSPAM) mixed with a calcium supplement. The total active anionic WSPAM content will be no less than 2.3% and be of high molecular weight and of medium charge density. The anionic WSPAM shall have no more than 0.05% acrylic monomer by weight, as established by the Food And Drug Administration (FDA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The soil stabilization granule must be beneficial to the establishment of vegetation and shall be environmentally compatible, harmless to fish and wildlife.

The soil stabilization granule shall be applied dry with broadcast seeder/spreaders or wet with conventional hydraulic seeding equipment.

Performance Tests
The soil stabilization granule shall be PAM-12® Plus, as manufactured by ENCAP®, LLC, and shall conform to the following performance tests.
Description Test Results
Erosion Control Performance ASTM D 6459: 2+4 in/hr 0.075*
Erosion Control Performance ASTM D 6459: 2+4+6 in/hr 0.356*
Vegetation Establishment ECTC Test Method #4 >338%
Toxicity (Survival %> 75) EPA-600-R-99-064 H.azteca - 98.8%
Toxicity (Survival %> 75) ASTM E 1706-05 C. dubia - 100%
*C-Factor - The effect of surface cover and roughness on soil erosion as calculated using RUSLE

PAM-12® Plus Application Reference

PAM-12 Plus Application lbs / Acre

PAM-12® Plus Composition

75.4% Engineered Paper Fiber Granule
1.5% Polyacrylamide copolymer (solid)
2.1% Polyacrylamide copolymer (emulsion)
1.0% Biopolymer
20.0% Gypsum (prilled Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate)