Waukesha Grading

Welcome to Waukesha's home for grading, excavating, and trenching  information.

About Waukesha Grading

     Waukesha Grading was created for homeowners in Waukesha and the surrounding communities. The goal of creating this site was to make a central place for homeowners to go when they have a question about grading and Excavating.  Whether your inquiry is about landscaping, grading, hardscaping, retaining walls, paver patios, etc. you can feel free to contact us and ask your questions.

Here are some grading terms you should become familiar with:

“Grade” means the vertical elevation of the ground surface.

    Grade, Existing. “Existing grade” means the ground surface prior to grading.

    Grade, Finish. “Finish grade” means the final grade of the site, which conforms to the approved plans.

    Grade, Natural. “Natural grade” means the ground surface unaltered by artificial means.

    Grade, Rough. “Rough grade” means the stage at which the grade approximately conforms to the approved plans.

    “Grading” means any excavation or filling or combination thereof.

      This site will not only provide tips on doing it yourself, but we will also instruct you on the necessities when hiring a professional grading contractor. Please visit the "Contact Us" page with any questions or comments about grading and excavating near Waukesha. We would be happy to hear from you. Thank you and enjoy the site!